Portable Neonate Warmer (PNW)

Portable Neonate Warmer (PNW)

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Hypothermia, warming, monitoring, temperature, phase change material
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The intended use of the Portable Neonate Warmer (PNW) is to provide the appropriate thermal protection and temperature monitoring for neonates with hypothermia that are being transported to a health facility from home. The device can be sterilized and is designed for multiple use.

The PNW monitors the temperature of the neonate, contact surface with the neonate and the heating pad. The temperature monitoring system is battery operated. The temperature of the neonate (Tn) is acquired by a direct patient contacting sensor. Tn is monitored to ensure the neonate maintains a normal temperature between 36.5 and 37.5 degrees Celsius as per WHO guidelines. The contact surface is also in direct contact with the neonate and its temperature is set to 36 degrees celsius (Tc). Tc must not exceed +/-1 degree Celsius. The temperature of the heating pad is monitored to determine re-activation when its temperature falls below 27 degrees Celsius.