Juan M. Munoz-Guijosa

Mentor verified UBORA mentor




Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Industrial & Mechanical Engineering

Working experience

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

I am involved in development and use of medical devices as Researcher


Juan M. Munoz-Guijosa is PhD in Industrial Engineering and works as full professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department of Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. As a member of the machinery engineering research group, his research activities are linked to composite and nanocomposite materials applied to machinery, high speed rotating machinery vibration, robotic joints, composite springs and systematic product development. After his award-winning PhD he was visiting researcher at MIT and worked five years for Bosch GmbH linked to the automotive industry. Since his reincorporation to UPM he has been linked to subjects on “Mechanism and Machine Theory”, “Vibrations Theory”, “Engineering Design”, among others, and leads and has led several public and private research projects and consulting works. He has been visiting professor for research&teaching at Tokyo Institute of Technology and Drexel University. He is very active in the field of project-based learning and leads the Mechanical Engineering Department “Composites and Nanocomposites Lab”. He is author or co-author of more than 50 high impact journal articles, as well as 7 national and international patents. He has created two startup companies based on the use of composite materials for different applications, and is mentor in entrepreneurship programs at UPM.


Project Management, Product development, Mechanical design