Migraine Management- Taming a Wildebeest

Meemnur Rashid indicated 27.06.2019

Migraine- one of the painful experiences one can have in life. Migraines are recurring and severe headaches accompanied by sensory warning like Aura. Migraines are not like usual headaches which usually goes off after 2-3 hours or taking a headache pill. But Migraines tend to make people feel like drained out, washed off for a day. Sudden movement of the head can bring that pain again briefly. 

That’s not the worst part of Migraine! What’s more troublesome is, there is no definite cause of migraines! There are many triggering factors of migraine like hormonal changes, food habits, stress, sleep changes, weather changes, medications etc. But these triggers vary drastically from person to person. So one cannot say for sure the cause for his own migraine unless he has proper management regarding migraine. 

The worst kind of Migraine is the Migraine with Aura. Aura is reversible symptom of the nervous system. Aura is usually visual like seeing various shapes, bright spots of flashes of light, pins and needles sensation in arm or leg etc.  

Treatment of Migraines differs from person to person. As different people have different migraine triggers, taking painkillers for the pain for more than 10 day can trigger serious medication-overuse headaches. So, proper management of migraine is needed to lead a better life, free from the abrupt grasp of this abnormality. So, to tackle the symptoms of migraine, a mobile based app can be developed to properly manage the probable triggers of migraine for a person. 

The app will include probable trigger list and give feedback of probability of a particular trigger based on user’s past experiences. The app can be suited with, list of remedies that can be followed to maintain a healthy life and taming the triggers of migraine from the community of app users and tracking of specific life activity of a user that can induce migraines like lack of sleep, increased time staring at a screen etc. 

As a whole, by maintaining proper management of the symptoms and triggers of migraine using the app, patients can reduce the occurrence and tackle the pre & post migraine attack symptoms with proper guidance  and lead a better life. 

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