Is it possible the decontamination and reuse of filtering face piece respirator (FFR) N95?

Alessandra Ninci indicated 14.03.2020

In Italy in the last two weeks we have witnessed the spread of COVID-19.

The outbreak requires emergency actions such as the use of Filtering Facepiece Respirator (FFR) N95, a primary respiratory barrier used to protect Health care workers (HCWs).

Nevertheless, FFRs are as ‘‘single-use’’ devices and have not been approved for reuse. Consequently, little data are available on the performance of FFRs after decontamination. Before FFR decontamination and reuse can be recommended, including biocidal efficacy, filtration efficiency, pressure drop, fit, residual toxicity, and overall durability.  

I would like to ask the scientific community if any studies have been carried out or are in progress to test the re-use of FFR N95 without altering its characteristics.

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