Ophthalmology Prescription in Remote-Rural Areas with Smartphone app and IoT.

Fardeen Ahmed indicated 28.06.2019

Bangladesh has many rural areas that don’t have proper ophthalmologist and accurate ophthalmologist equipment. We aim to create an app that lets you record the data for visual acuity test,color blindness,astigmatism,macular generation and dry eye and get it reviewed by an ophthalmologist . This will give patients access to a better mhealth and have the prescripted glasses imported.
Even though these online test are available, we plan to connect to doctors,service providers and have a machine learning algorithm to refine detection. 

Mobile app that lets you carry out eye exam measurements at home. 
For visual aquity, the app will ask you to keep the mobile camera a specific distance from the eye. It will then print the letters at appropriate size and will ask the patient to write what they see. If the reply is wrong the properties of the image is changed to how image would through a specific powered lens.
For auto-refraction, infra-red rays are sent to the eye, while the subject is asked to focus on an image. The reflected light is used to measure refraction error, as well as CYL, SPH, AXIS. This will be done with the use of an optical device. Our machine learning algorithm will detect problematic measurement that will be reviewed by a professional ophthalmologist.
We plan to use physiological data recorded from patients in the app and our machine learning algorithm will consider each reading reviewed by an ophthalmologist as its data set entry and refine the detection parameters. Later stages, the app itself will detect the problem with accuracy.
The app lets you connect to shops and send the prescription to the spectacle shop for ordering online.

The target audience is the rural sectors with no ophthalmology establishment.

Clinical need
Remote or self-diagnosis
Mobile-based technology
IoT,App,visual acuity test,color blindness,astigmatism,macular generation,dry eye,mHealth