Developing low-cost non-invasive continuous glucose monitoring patch

Kaisar Ahmed Alman indicated 28.06.2019

Diabetes mellitus is one of the fastest growing diseases. According to International Diabetes Federation’s Diabetes Atlas, in 2017, there are 425 million adult people with diabetes in the world. The number will rise to 629 million by 2040 and 79% patients are living in low and middle-income countries like Bangladesh. 1 in 2 (212 million) diabetes patients are not diagnosed, 4 million people died, which is huge!! Many deadly diseases such as blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, depression, infections can arise from diabetes. But the worst scenario is more than 21 million live births (1 in 7 births) are affected during pregnancy. As we all know that this disease can’t be cured, the best thing is perfect monitoring. So the glucose level has to be monitored continuously. The invasive way to measure the glucose level is very uncomfortable and a bit expensive too.

So, we need to develop a sensor based patch which is wearable and can measure the level of glucose continuously that can be seen in the display. As it will be non-invasive so there will be no risk of infections and also not irritating. The main point is that we should focus on low-cost so that everyone can afford it.

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