Bheka Mbonambi indicated 17.06.2020

USAFI is a Swahili word for Hygiene.

The African continent is one of the many other countries with scarce and limited water resource. This is a extremely dangerous time for water scarcity, as water is one of the many strategic ways to avoid getting contaminated. We are currently faced with a Pandemic that is air-borne and dangerous is an understatement.
That why we would like to introduce a Hand-Wash Station that will be used by local restaurants, schools and public places etc. basically covering the places considered as hot-spots and areas that have crowds of people.
This solution is stationed and directed to the African country, because of its preexisting difficulty and countries development still underway. This solution will address many problems as it it will conserve and put into use the water that will be utilized, we are later considering purifying this water for re-use.

  1. The innovation is to have a Foot operated tap, to avoid using hands to open taps as contact with materials and people is one of many ways to get the virus.
  2. The stand and container that will be used will be environmental friendly and created from pollution causing materials, Durability is one of the main focus as it has to withstand quite a ray of difficulties. Also considering methods for the container to be filled with water, using both methods, connecting to the pipe water or manually added in the container.
  3. we want to incorporate a contact-less sanitizer/soap dispersing system, to avoid contact as well and wastage of sanitizer/soap, it will disperse the predetermined fixed amount.
  4. The station will have a Thermometer reading the temperature for every person washing their hands at the station, with sensors and temperature detector, also being contact-less and not being manually operated.
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