Development of a Low Cost Automatic Dialyzer Reprocessing Machine.

Md Iqbal Hossain indicated 29.06.2019

A dialyzer reuse is practice of using the same dialyzer for the same patient for multiple treatment. A dialyzer reprocessing machine comprising means for passing a series of liquid and gaseous fluids through the dialysate and blood compartments of the dialyzer at different flow rates according to a predetermined sequence for cleaning and disinfecting the dialyzer and means for accurately measuring the volume of the blood compartment upon completion of the dialyzer cleaning steps. Reuse of a hemodialyzer means that the same hemodialyzer (filter) is used more than once for the same patient. The practice of reuse has been done safely for more than 30 years.

Clinical need
Support to medical practice
Other supporting equipment
Automatic cleaning, Reuse extension, Low cost, Safe and secured, Better performance, Non hazardous etc.