Incubator for burn child patient

Ornella Mangiacasale indicated 19.11.2018

I'm an anesthesiologist working in a limited resource Intensive Care Unit in Sierra Leone. We need a solution for burn pediatric patients. Actually we use an incubator for preventing hypotermia, but we adapt the incubator for preterm babies, so children over 70 cm don't fit inside and lie down in a normal bed under a mosquito net, developing hypotermia and acidotic state that can lead to ominous ending.
We need for:

  • a Big Box where we can set temperature and humidity
  • Anti-decubitus mattress
  • a moving base that can help in changing position (to turn from supine position to lateral and prone one, alternately)

Thank you


Clinical need
Prevention of pathology or disease
Monitoring device
burn injuries, pediatrics, hypotermia, decubitus,