A Device for Navigation in a Blind Person Locomotion.

Md Iqbal Hossain indicated 29.06.2019

If a person is blind but he is able to hear then our device is for him. Our idea is to develop such a device which will help in the navigation of a blind man. We are going to use a headphone and a torch like tool which will sent signal to the headphone to tell in which direction to move. The torch will be built in such a way which will sent ultrasonic sound to the surrounding. If there is any obstacle in the nearby region where the person is moving an echo will be produced. If the torch receive any echo it will sent signal and produce sound to warn the client. It will also tell the position of obstacle.

Clinical need
Other supporting equipment
Torch of Blind, Headphone, Ultrasonic sound, Transducer,Echo, Obstacle position, Obstacle presence , Alarm, Navigation