Low Cost Sitting Posture Monitoring System

Nusrat Binta Nizam indicated 27.06.2019

Back pain is one of humanities most frequent complaints. While dangerous diseases are being combatted on a daily basis, something as simple as bad posture is often overlooked. Bad posture can start off as a simple habit and soon lead to chronic back pain. Thus, it is essential to maintain an ideal posture so as to reduce stress on the body. Sitting posture monitoring systems (SPMSs) help assess the posture of a seated person in real-time and improve sitting posture.

In industrialized countries, 80 % of the population will experience back pain at some point in their life. The number of people with back pain increases with advancing age, starting in school children and peaking in adults of 35 to 55 years of age. Ideal posture indicates proper alignment of the body’s segments such that least amount of energy is required to maintain a desired position. Good posture optimizes breathing and improves the circulation of bodily fluids. After a time, poor posture feels normal and continues to regress further from the correct posture. When poor posture feels normal to a person, it becomes harder to correct because the muscle memory now stores the information needed for poor posture and disposes of the memory for correct posture. The existing solutions to maintain good sitting posture, ,are very costly.

We did a survey and took public opinion in our country to understand the severity of the problem. As a developing country, people are unable to buy the available devices for posture monitoring. If we can make a cost effective and user friendly device to monitor sitting posture, then this will help a lot of people in the world, mainly the people of developing, underdeveloped and undeveloped countries.

We think that mobile health device containing –
·       An app and
·       A wearable device
 will help the people to monitor sitting posture easily. We will also need to try to lower the cost so that the device becomes affordable for many people around the world.
We did an analysis and survey on this idea. We made a short video on it. We are attaching the link here-

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