Removal of sub-cutaneous contraceptive implants

Marianna Coulentianos indicated 13.12.2018

There is a need to better remove sub-cutaneous contraceptive implants. Contraceptive implants are rods that are inserted in a woman's upper arm and that release hormones that prevent pregnancy for 3 to 5 years depending on the model. These implants are sometimes inserted incorrectly (deeply, inserted into the fat or muscle tissue) which makes the removal of these implants hard. When this happens, doctors take x-rays or conduct an ultrasound to locate the device and attempt to remove it. This is cumbersome and very painful. There is a need for a device that will assist in the removal of deeply inserted implants.
Further, even when the implant is inserted correctly (sub-cutaneously), removal can be tricky for community healthcare workers and there is therefore a need to make removal easier for lesser trained healthcare workers.

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sub-cutaneous implant removal, deep insertion, community health workers