Developing an affordable Infant Stool Monitor

Biswarup Goswami indicated 28.06.2019

Baby's poop indicates its overall health condition so it is important to monitor baby’s diapers, including checking the color, texture, and frequency of their bowel movements .These are also good indicators that they’re getting enough breast milk. For example, pediatrician should know if a baby has stool that is:

  • red
  • bloody
  • black
  • pale-grey or white

This may or may not be a sign of illness, but parents can consult doctor who will be able to evaluate your baby and give you peace of mind.

Working mothers are not being able to observe their babies the whole time and they may miss any serious indicator. Baby sitters may not monitor or may not be educated enough to understand the conditions observing, so, an easy-to-use monitoring device can be a great help to them. 

In this case, such a device is needed that can compare poop color & texture with standard information and can send mobile notification like informative message to the parents only in need. The device also needs to be easily used by the caregiver, cheap and may be washable. It can be a plate or box type device where the caregiver just need to put the taken off diaper and dispose after the device’s complete monitoring. This type of device is a very important need for a developing country now a days. In such a case, the caregiver need not send a picture every time the baby poops while the parent is busy. Also, as it will be a remote device, it need not be in touch with the infant and make him uncomfortable.

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Monitoring device
Stool color & texture, easy-to-use monitoring device, cheap & washable, mobile notification