Wearable technology in developing countries

Gianluca Di Rosario indicated 06.04.2023

Good morning,
my name is Gianluca, and i'm a PhD student in International Cooperation for Development for Health at the University of Brescia.

I'm currently working on an international research project, in collaboration with public and private Institutions in New York City and Brescia echosystems, for the monitoring of health indicators and lifestyle.
The first phase of this project is going to be located in Kenya, starting from next June 1st 2023.

With my team, we are in the process of finding possible collaborators who can assist us with the wearable technologies.
As foundamental features of the desired devices:

  • Data recording autonomy (no wifi, no smartphone at this stage because we are in a remote area of Kenya)
  • Battery life duration of more days, at least 7 days (at the end of which the devices will be re-charged and the periodic download of data will be done)
  • Download of raw data after the scheduled 7-day registration period (here will be required the use of smartphones/computers).

I'd be very happy to interact if you have suggestions or ideas.
A detailed document about our initiative has been written for your evaluation and I'll be happy to share it with you anytime.

Thank you,
Gianluca Di Rosario

Clinical need
Monitoring purpose
Public health
Monitoring device
chronic diseases, lifestyles for health, preventive medicine, predictive medicine, data, technology for health