Low cost and safe system for brain tumor diagnosis

Ridoy Shil indicated 27.06.2019

Brain tumor is not so common but fatal disease. It is a collection of abnormal cells in brain. MRI is used to detect brain tumor, sometimes CT scan is used too. Most of the time doctors try to avoid these tests until the symptoms of brain tumor are vivid. CT scan is normally avoided because it uses strong radiation which is not good for brain. MRI does not include any radiation and can give better picture of soft tissue than CT scan. But MRI uses very strong magnetic field which has safety issue too. Again, people with claustrophobia are reluctant to take the test. Moreover, CT scan and MRI are very costly tests. So doctors try to wait and figure out if it is really necessary for the patient to take the tests. But, when the doctor is deciding the necessity of these tests, the tumor gets time to grow. So it will be great to have a noninvasive alternative which can predict the probability of the patient's having brain tumor.
So, our idea is to build up a low cost EEG system which will detect brain tumor. It can also be used as predetermining method of brain tumor and help the doctor for making decision of taking further tests in just few minutes. That will reduce the time lag of starting treatment and give less time to the tumor to grow bigger.

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Brain tumor, MRI, CT scan, Low cost system , EEG