Biomedical protective suit

Biomedical protective suit

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Its a reusable medical protective suit for monitoring contagious patients and also maybe used in surgery
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The biomedical protective suit falls in the category of personal protective equipment whose major aim is to provide a sealed environment and protection from the outside elements/ disease causing germs to the medics when handling patients with contagious diseases like covid 19.
Since it is sealed from the outside, it comes with air circulation/ventilation system which allows a gaseous exchange in and out of the suit as well as provide Sam form of cooling inside. It also has hearing and voice ports through which the doctors can communicate with the patients. It comes with a transparent portion at the front to allow a visual outlook of the patients.
Clinical benefits include safety of the medics as it provides protection from the outside elements and the fact that it can be reused after usage thereby saving both time and money.
The mainly targeted popupalation is the health workers.