Aerosol delivery device

Aerosol delivery device

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Clinical need
Non-surgical therapy / Administration of drugs
Pneumology / chest medicine
Other supporting equipment
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chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; asthma; inhaler; technique; training; UBORA Design School 2018
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Project description

Our project goal is to make a device that will reduce the improper use of an asthma inhaler. Frequent mistakes made while using are:
a) The bottle is not shaken enough to allow for complete mixing
b) Can is not up-side down (correct format)
c) Can is not pressed the whole way down (Hence incomplete dosage administration)
d) Breathing in the wrong direction (expiration instead of inspiration)

We are developing an asthma inhalator that will reduce the possibilities of making mistakes while inhaling the medicine. After setting the goals we decided to make the device all mechanical, meaning there is no electric power needed to allow it be accessible and usable anywhere in the world
Our solution contains:
a) Oil and water container that will mix while shaken fully.
b) Ball lock type of part that makes it possible to use the device while can is up-side down.
c) A click sound will appear when the can is pressed to the end.
d) A whistle (alarm) will make a sound while breathing the wrong direction

An extra thing optional but suggested is the counter for counting how many doses are left.