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Prevention of pathology or disease
Public health
Preventive device
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Personal protective equipment; face mask for antimicrobial agents' filter; biocompatible materials; multi-use
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The current pandemic due to the new coronavirus requires an increasingly high need for personal protective equipment.
Every professional involved in this emergency needs protective devices for the airways.
The extremely short supply times do not allow an adequate supply of personal protective equipments and most of the available devices are disposable and usable for a relatively short period of time.
The same protection is also necessary for patients already affected by the disease and who do not require ventilatory support.

DPI-Vent is a multi-use face mask suitable for personal protective equipment against microbial agents, both bacterial and viral, characterized in that it comprises:

  • A facial mask configured to completely cover and isolate the nose and mouth;
  • A universal collector fully integral with the face mask for housing and blocking the filter (combined filter/HME) for both bacterial and viral microbial agents.

Moreover, DPI-Vent allows both appropriate protection of the airways and also it reduces the resistances for respiratory acts, allowing an optimal comfort during the use. Due to the trasparency of the material, this mask avoids the visual covering of the face.