Design and development of an otoscope prototyping with smartphone coupler

Design and development of an otoscope prototyping with smartphone coupler

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Otoscope 3D printed with smartphone coupler
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The clinical device to develope is an otoscope with smartphone coupler. Although there are many differents otoscopes nowadays, the idea is to create an otoscope that everybody can use in a determined moment. Depending on the lighting there are three different otoscopes: halogen, optical fiber and LED. In fact, our device will use the camera flash of the phone to illuminate the inner ear. The head of the otoscope will have a coupler, then you can move it in the direction required to adjust it into the smartphone's camera. The prototipe we are going to develope is made by 3D printed with PLA.
This idea is to accelerate process of diagnostics in lack of resources's situacions. For example, an ONG or a help organization that is working in a foreign country without all the material and sources can use the otoscope in their smartphone to examinate the ear of a children that is ill. Then they take a photo of the interior of the ear and by a phone app it is sended to a doctor elsewhere.
Another advantage of our idea is the type of electrical power of the device. Some work with batteries or rechargeable batteries. They generally use 2 AA batteries, but our otoscope only depends on the smartphone battery.