Face shield - iMold

Face shield - iMold

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Clinical need
Prevention of pathology or disease
Public health
Preventive device
Project keywords
Personal Protective Equipment, Face shield, Injection compression molding, Re-usable, Sterilisable
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Project description

Due to the spread of COVID19 there is a growing demand for personal protective equipment, including protective face shields. The aim of this project is to manufacture a face shield which is safe, in compliance with regulations and that can be sterilisable, and therefore reusable, using the injection compression molding technique. The face shield will be attached to a headband made entirely of plastic material through joints that will allow the movement of the shield itself. The shield will also be easily replaceable after a limited number of uses. 

According to the definition in the European Regulation 2016/425 the proposed device is a PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT (PPE), and is not a medical device. Following the Annex I of 2016/495 the proposed device is a PPE of CATEGORY II.