Solar Autoclave

Solar Autoclave

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Project description

Infection due to non sterilized equipment is the leading cause of infection in health care assistance. Rural areas in Africa especially suffer from this problem because of the lack of proper medical infrastructure. Furthermore, in this different environment the technologies that work in developed countries are often not suitable, mainly because of the absence of a reliable electricity grid and distance to other important resources.
This project aims to give a solution through the implementation of a solar powered autoclave. The device has been designed with a strong focus on an easy transportation, low cost, simple use and maintenance, and high quality sterilization while only being powered by the sun.
The device consists of an insulated recipient in which the medical instruments are deposited, a solar reflector that redirects the sunlight towards the recipient in order to heat it up to the required temperature for sterilization, and a supporting tripod that allows the other two parts to rotate following the sun.
Intended users are mainly health posts in rural areas in Africa, but also health care NGOs performing medical campaigns could benefit from the device as it provides an sterilization without need for power supply and easy transportation.