Resuscitation device for neonates

Resuscitation device for neonates

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Resuscitation is a highly common procedure for neonates that requires a medical training. Many rural areas in Africa do not posses the skilled personal when delivering a baby for this kind of procedures. Thus, a device that could simplify the process would be of great help to the health care workers.
The neonatal resuscitation device is used to tackle this problem by an automation of the procedure. Commonly it involves a series of chest compressions coupled with pumping by means of an ambu bag. However, the compressions can be risky if no done properly. The right pressure has to be exerted and with the right timing for an effective cycle.
The device takes care of doing the compressions with a motor and a transmission mechanism while it also coordinates the procedure with the use of the ambu bag, and it monitors the vitals of the neonate.