AV CPR feedback device

AV CPR feedback device

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Designing an Audio-Visual Feedback CPR device
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Cardiac arrest is a sudden loss of blood flow resulting from the failure of the heart to effectively pump the blood. Annually, about 350,000 people experience cardiac arrest around the world according to WHO. This may happen anywhere away from hospital for instance at home, at work or school. The chances of survival of the patient depends of the administration of CPR at the right time and correct chest compression depth and rate

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a procedure that combines chest compressions, often with artificial ventilation, it is performed by a rescuer that can be either a bystander or trained medical personnel on a patient undergoing cardiac arrest. It attempts to preserve as much nervous and body tissue as possible by manually pumping blood throughout the body.

AV-CPR is a feedback device that aims at providing real time feedback so as to increase adherence to CPR quality guidelines during the CPR procedure for both professionals and laypeople. This will increase the willingness of people to perform the critical procedure during an emergency without the fear of doing it wrongly. The device senses the chest compression depth during CPR procedure and processes it in real-time using Arduino microprocessor. The device will also sound a metronome tone to guide on the rate of compressions. A feedback is then displayed and voiced to the rescuer so that they can tell if they are performing the procedure correctly, i.e correct compression depth and rate.