Public Facilities Auto Decon

Public Facilities Auto Decon

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Prevention of pathology or disease
Public health
Preventive device
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auto decontamination, motion sense, surface and atmospheric decontamination
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The Public Facilities Auto Decon focuses of preventing the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in Public facilities like ATM's, Toilets and Escalators whereby these facilities are intimately accessed by multitudes of customers daily and are not decontaminated on a regular basis.
This entails an auto motion sense device which can regularly spray an alcohol based sanitizer/decontaminant of the keypad, dispenser, and front screen areas of an ATM or sensitive areas in a toilet after each and every detected client, prior to the facility being accessed and utilized by another client.
It will help to prevent the indirect spread of the virus from one public facility user to the other. Another non electronic device can be fitted to the sides of the escalators to ensure that the surfaces are regularly decontaminated.
Public Facilities Auto Decon can also be customized to be used at schools and hospitals in the hallways, reception areas , and even public toilets.