A Safe Delivery Device

A Safe Delivery Device

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In the recent years, many developed countries have put in place measures to reduce infant mortality rates. This has led to increased need for efficient ways of managing both antenatal and postnatal care. Studies have shown that most fatal complications during birth can be prevented if there is an effective way of early detection. The Device will incorporate several accessories to facilitate a successful delivery thereby increasing the chances of infant survival.
To begin with, there is the problem of obstruction due to lack of adequate skills by the service providers to evaluate the patients, this will be solved by artificial intelligence which will aid in determining the correct and immediate response to a certain case that a patient presents.
Secondly, these will also help in the carrying out most of the tests without moving the infant to another location as a result saving time and and response time since the tests will be done autonomously which also suggests more specialized tests in the event of ambiguous results. This ability enables the service providers to respond accurately without having a second thought of waiting for a more severe sign which the common practice with most health workers.