Wearable HelGlaSk (Helmet + Glasses + Mask)

Wearable HelGlaSk (Helmet + Glasses + Mask)

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COVID-19, Mask, Visor, Medical Equipment, Design Competition, UBORADesignCompetition2020
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During the spread of the epidemic, we witnessed an "arms race" to try to make up for the lacks of health systems in many countries. Many companies have mobilized to seek solutions and facilitate hospitalization and patients care. One of the missing aspects of these operations was not thinking about working conditions and the prevention of contagion on medical staff ("Who watches the watchmen?"): the current medical equipment "against the virus", combined with increased and exhausting shifts, have shown how much wearing a mask and protective glasses leads to evident irritations and bruises on the face, with direct testimonials from the health professionals themselves.

From these considerations comes the interest to find a new design for personal protection equipments (PPE), in order to optimize staff protection, making this more comfortable and smart, maintaining the high protection rate of current systems. In this project presentation, as we will see, the three (3) main current equipments (mask, glasses, visor) will be analyzed to reach a sort of hybrid device that turns to be a fusion of them.