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Asthma, Pediatric patients, Asthma monitoring, Low resource setting, Children affected by Asthma, Respiratory disease monitoring
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Concept Description: Smart Asthma Monitoring Device for Pediatric Patients

Our concept involves the development of a "Smart" peak flowmeter, designed specifically to monitor the worsening of asthma in pediatric patients at home. Unlike traditional mechanical devices available on the market, our innovative concept relies on an electrical solution to overcome limitations and improve reliability.

Existing peak flowmeters lack electrical circuits and memory, which can lead to variability in results influenced by individual user technique and inconsistency. To address this, our concept introduces an electrically driven device that provides more accurate and reliable measurements of peak flow in pediatric patients.

One key aspect of our concept is the incorporation of gamification elements into the device. We recognize that patient motivation to use traditional peak flowmeters is often low due to a perceived lack of significance in the diagnosis and treatment process. By integrating gamification, we aim to make the monitoring process engaging and enjoyable for children. The device will feature interactive elements, such as a visual game or virtual character, encouraging children to actively participate in monitoring their asthma and achieving better compliance.

To enhance data management and accessibility, our concept includes a "Smart" application. The application will work in tandem with the device, allowing users to store and categorize their data conveniently. The stored data can be securely shared with healthcare centers through a cloud service, enabling healthcare professionals to provide expert opinions and insights remotely. Additionally, the collected data will contribute to a reliable database for research purposes, offering valuable insights into asthma management in pediatric patients.

Overall, our concept aims to improve the reliability of peak flow measurements, increase patient compliance through gamification elements, and provide a streamlined data management solution for healthcare professionals. This "Smart" Asthma Monitoring Device has the potential to enhance the monitoring and management of asthma in pediatric patients, leading to improved patient outcomes and valuable research opportunities.