Tissue engineering Scaffolds for in vitro tumoral studies

Tissue engineering Scaffolds for in vitro tumoral studies

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The main objective of this project is to design of a set of tissue scaffolds for in vitro tumor studies, varying the parameters of the structures according to the culture needs.

These tissular scaffolds are designed to answer a simple need: to provide a medium on which to conduct in vitro tests as close as possible to real life conditions (in vivo).
The uploaded set of designs intends to simulate real tissue conditions. By doing so, researchers would be able to perform a large number of efficient in vitro tests in this given artifical environment.
The main goal of these designs is to critically reduce the number of tests conducted in animals. If researchers can perform accurate analysis out of the body of a living being, they will not need to use as many individuals as they usually did.
Obviously, it is impossible to completely wipe out the animal testing. However, we hope to reduce this number meaningfuly through this project.
Although reducing animal testing by itself could seem enough reason to develop this project, we also aim to reduce the costs of the actual tissular scaffolds avaliable in the market. By uploading the designs to this platform, we tend to allow anyone with access to a 3D printer to easily build them.

Note: these set of designs were originally developed for a specific UPM research. Nevertheless, we encourage anybody who needs a similar product to download the designs or even use them as a guide towards new designs.