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Prevention of pathology or disease
Infectious disease
Preventive device
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BOOTCAMP2020, covid, SARS-CoV-2, infectious diseases, personal protection, sterilization, face shield
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Covid Auxikit is a complete Personal protective equipment package that contains:

  1. Filtered masks apt for sterilization.
  2. Re-usable face shields.
  3. Portable UV light sterilizer.

This kit is designed to minimize risk and exposure to coronavirus infections for health workers at their place of work. Hospitals are high risk areas for COVID-19 infections, therefore health care practitioners are prone to these infections especially now with the sudden increase in volume of patients. Personal protective equipment helps protect them from potentially infectious patients and other hazardous substances used in healthcare delivery.
AuxiKit can also be used in home settings when handling an infectious patient being treated at home. Also in sterilizing personal effects such as clothes, phones e.t.c.