Automatic Hand-Washing Machine

Automatic Hand-Washing Machine

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The SARS-COV-2 epidemy has expanded in just two months to such a level to become a global pandemy. This has been possibile thanks to its contagiousness and its ease of transmission. Infact, simply making contact with contaminated surfaces or aerosol may expose you to this disease. For this reason, governments and the scientific community has stressed the importance of washing often one’s hands (for at least 40 seconds), making sure to follow with maximum effort every step indicated in the guidelines.

Unfortunately you can’t always tell with certainty if you managed to thoroughly eliminate any possible residual presence of viral bodies. At the moment there are a number of commercial solutions to automate this practice, even though these devices are mostly used in industries where high igienic standards are imposed on workers, infact these devices clear up to 99,98% of these residues. These devices are not used in public or commercial environments for a numer of other reasons, such as dimensions, costs and low design effort.
For this reason we propose to adapt these automatic hand washers making them accessible to a much larger portion of population.

Our device will be easy to install on a wall of any public environment, especially those constantly frequented by many people contemporarily, such as schools, universities, public bathrooms, malls, airports, train stations and many more.
The user will simply have to insert its hands inside the Automatic Hand Washer and wait approximately 15 seconds to have his or her hands thoroughly cleaned.

Our goal is to make washing our hands more simple, quick and most importantly neat, noticeably reducing the possibility of spreading the virus.