Hands Free Self Cleaning Dental Device

Hands Free Self Cleaning Dental Device

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SolidWorks, Dental Floss Device, Teeth, 3D printer, Dental health
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The idea is to design a device hands free, that can facilitate the cleaning of the teeth only with mouth movements. The user should put one semi sphere in contact with the gingiva and teeth and the other between teeth and tongue. The dental floss stays between the teeth, and with horizontal movements of the mouth we can change the device of place. Dental hygiene is important because if we don’t clean well the teeth, we can have chronic diseases of the mouth, including dental infections, tooth loss, benign mucosal lesions, and eventually oral cancer. The device allows the reduction of bacterial plaque which brings advantages especially to the gingiva, reducing the problems mentioned above. The device has a small size to be easy to carry.