A Portable Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

A Portable Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

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CVD (cardiovascular disease) has shown to be an NCD that is one of the major causes of mortality worldwide but especially in Low and Middle Income Countries. However, it has been noted that there is a significant lack of data on this disease that would allow the appropriate agencies to efficiently direct their efforts to the areas in the most need of help.

Portable automatic blood pressure monitors have made the measurement of blood pressure a much simpler affair in LMICs. Clinics are able to set up stations and take the reading of a large number of people accurately, with less skilled staff and a higher degree of accuracy. However, much of this data doesn't make it out of the clinic to the stakeholders that can make the best use of it.

Our solution is a blood pressure monitor that uses existing GSM networks to take the data acquired at these clinics on the blood pressures of various patients and send it to a national database. Stakeholders such as the Ministry of Health can then access this data in order to determine areas where interventions need to be taken and thus focus the already scarce resources in areas of high vulnerability.