Warm Hug

Warm Hug

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Clinical need
Prevention of pathology or disease
Other supporting equipment
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Premature babies,newborn, hypothermia, temperature monitoring system, Phase Change Material
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Our project is a monitored warming suit. It keeps baby temperature constant in the range 36.5-37.5°C fighting the hypothermia and preventing the complications that would derive from it.
It is made by a stratified structure that holds the internal heat. It is heat insulating, breathable to allow the baby's skin to breath, and waterproof for a very easy cleaning.
The heating element consists of a phase change material. It reaches the temperature of 58°C and it releases heat to the baby through a foam mattress to avoid burns.
In addition, a monitoring system allows to check the core temperature of the baby and the temperature of the mattress for the security of the device.
In the end, but not less important, special belts enable the mother to practice the Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC), skin to skin method to take care of premature babies and newborns.