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USAFI is a Swahili word for Hygiene
The African continent is one of the many other continents with scarce and limited water resource. This is a extremely dangerous in the fight against Covid19, as water is one of the many strategic ways to avoid getting infection through hand washing. We are currently faced with a Pandemic that can be contained through prevention of the spread.
This is the main reason behind the introduction of a Hand-Wash Station. It will be used by local restaurants, schools and public places etc. Basically it will be covering public places (public gatherings).
This solution is affordable and is designed for any country, because of their pre-existing challenges as most African countries are developing countries. This solution will address the challenge of assigning organisation employees the duty to measure temperature of any person entering a premise as the system will automatically do this. It will also reduce the amount of time wasted between washing hands and measuring temperatures, as the two procedures will be incorporated. We will later consider purifying this water for re-use.