Height-adjustable, non-contact, infrared thermometer box

Height-adjustable, non-contact, infrared thermometer box

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thermometer, infrared, non-contact, DesignCompetition2020
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During the expansion of COVID-19, thermometer guns have gained importance as useful ways to measure body temperature from a safety distance. However, the accuracy of these devices may depend heavily on how properly they are used in terms of the distance, where exactly the device points and how long and steadily the measurer holds the thermometer gun during the reading process.

This project proposes an infrared thermometer box, with a similar operation to that of the gun. The box is inserted into an structure that allows height adjustment, so as to ensure optimal measurement. What is more, the thermometer box does not require assistance from a measurer, making the whole measuring procedure even safer.

This device could be located at public places such as shops or companies in order to quickly identify those who may have a viral infection.