Automated Therapy Massager

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Some of the common problems experienced by rehabilitation patients include pain, poor circulation, and injuries in the limbs, mainly caused by conditions such as chronic varicose veins, accidents, edema, and arthritis. Due to the difficulty in movement that results, such patients are inconvenienced in terms of travelling to the rehabilitation centres. In addition, rehabilitation professionals consume a lot of time massaging patients in an attempt to relieve their symptoms. That's why this project will come in handy to provide automated therapy and the much-needed convenience.

The project objective is to make a semi automated therapy massage device that can be used in rehabilitation centers to counter the inadequacy of medical practitioners in the rehabilitation centers. It will help alleviate pain, improve blood circulation, and enhance healing in patients with conditions such as varicose veins, edema, arthritis, post-accident injuries, and soft tissue injuries. This project will as well minimize the number of patients visiting the centres since the device can alternatively be used at the comfort of one's convenience. Additionally, this device will be more economical and hence affordable due to the cheap materials used to design it. This means that it will be more accessible both to poor patients and low-level hospitals.

The convenience of the user will be achieved by a simple and easy to understand user interface that will be developed using the principle of pneumatic system to massage the lower limb. The massager will also be available in different designs to provide therapy to different parts of the body, including fore limbs. The process of massage will be controlled by an Arduino microcontroller, which will basically control the opening and closing of the solenoid valves, allowing compressed air to enter and leave the inflatable bag. It will also have an inclusion of solar power to ensure consistency in power supply and help in provision in areas with no power supply. Solar power will also contribute to its affordability in terms of operational costs.