Surgical Training Device for Sutures

Surgical Training Device for Sutures

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UBORA 2019 ABEC Design School , Surgery, Sutures, Stitches, Training, General Surgery
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Sutures are essential for healing and recovery after surgery and other medical operations. This skill often requires constant practice. However, learning proper and optimal suturing technique can be limited for low and middle income countries. There is inadequate number of trained medical professionals and supervision of surgical units. Additionally, over 60% of surgical operations in these areas are for emergencies [1], causing for an insufficient level of care for these patients in these areas that are in dire need of care.

This training device would allow young and expert doctors to test their surgical skills without putting patients at harm. Additionally, the device would provide feedback to the individual to help them understand their skill level and improvement over time. It would be safe, cost-effective, and replicate the wound site for practical skill building.

[1] McCord C, Ozgediz D, Beard JH, et al: General surgical emergencies: Chapter 4, Volume 1 (ed 3). World Bank, Washington, DC, 2015