portable ventilator

portable ventilator

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The corona virus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has caused a global health crisis, the disease affects the respiratory system and can lead to Acute respiratory disease syndrome(ARDS). ARDS is a type of respiratory failure characterized by rapid onset of widespread inflammation in the lungs, its symptoms include shortness of breath. In the case of such, the patient needs assisted breathing therefore, is put on a mechanical ventilator.
The portable ventilator serves to curb shortage of mechanical ventilators during this pandemic. It provides pressure-controlled ventilation, meaning the ventilator maintains a set airway pressure for a given inspiratory time. The clinician sets the inspiratory pressure level, positive-end expiratory pressure, I:E ratio, respiratory rate, and FiO2.
In this mode, the peak airway pressure is constant (inspiratory pressure + PEEP) while the tidal volume can be variable depending on patient characteristics i.e lung compliance, airway/tubing resistance and driving pressures. Pressure-controlled ventilation can also allow synchrony with the patient breathing cycle and more homogenous gas distribution.