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Clinical need
Remote or self-diagnosis
Pneumology / chest medicine
E-based technology
Project keywords
Remote Telecare, Telemedicine, COVID-19 home Care, UBORADesignCompetition2020

Project description

HomeBreath is an open source free platform to implement remote assisted telecare for COVID-19 patients.
It is a low cost scalable and integrable system that can remotely monitor patient biometric signal and support the remote care of isolated COVID-19 patient.
HomeBreath is though to be a home telemedicine station, that can also drive mechanical ventilation in more severe cases.
Based on arduino and low cost Arduino Shield can connect home devices to different network, to trasform isolation in supported care, and to help to drift down the R0 factor and COVID-19 morbidity.

HomeBreath is though to be low cost and fully replicable by desing in order to catch also the more fragiles - who several times suffers the most - and are the more vulnerable to the spread to pandemic

Main components
HomeBreath is composed by
- home station: Arduino based patient data collector, transmitter and feedback hub
- APP : the system can provide patients feedback through a dedicated app
- CPAP ventilator: for the extreme cases a CPAP ventilator is coupled with the home station to assist COVID-19 severe symthoms
- wearable sensors: patients status is monitored to a set of eligible wearable sensors like pulsioximeter, portable ECG and pletismograph, skin conductance sensor, COVID-19 test kit
- Support community: all the community of clinicians . pneumologist, virologists nurses and specialist that can support COVID-19 patients