Open source multi purpose kit for cell culture

Andres Diaz Lantada indicated 28.07.2019

Advances in tissue engineering and biofabrication rely on innovative microfluidic systems (labs- and organs-on-chips) capable of interacting with cells and enabling different types of studies (cell-material interactions, cell-to-cell communication, response to drugs and external stimuli...) for fine-tuning regenerative strategies. Normally, cell culture kits, labs-on-chips and organs-on-chips for studying cells and imitating physiological interactions in vitro, tend to be highly specialized. Counting with an open source multi purpose kit for cell culture would constitute an interesting alternative for enabling more studies at a fraction of final cost and as support for educational and training purposes.

Clinical need
Support to laboratory practice
Cellular pathology
In vitro diagnostic device
Lab-on-a-chip, organ-on-a-chip, tissue engineering, biofabrication.