Product requirements

Functional requirements: Med Pass allows access to user's vital medical information in emergency situations, without internet connection being necessary, by using NFC technology. This NFC module will not require power supply itself as the NFC tag is a passive NFC device.
Usability requirements: the information inside the tag, which is meant to be read by an NFC device, will be presented in a simple, standardized manner so that the user, who will be a health professional in most cases, will be able to understand it effortlessly. Health professionals will know if the patient carries the NFC module as they will recognize the Med Pass logo.
Safety requirements: It is really important to protect user’s medical chart, as it is confidential data, in order to prevent this information from ending up in the wrong hands. Appropiate security protocols and software will be needed, especially in future stages of the project.
Interaction requirements: in order to read the NFC tag, a NFC active device is needed, so the smartphone used for this task must support NFC technology. The app should be able to run in different operating systems which are yet to be determined.