Purposely designed parts

An Android app was developed as part of this prototype. The app general scheme can be seen in the diagram.

In order to fill the medical information required throughout diferent screens, the app works on two databases, one for conditions and presence of electronic cardiac devices based on ICD-11 standard and another one for medication, in which active principles, action groups and commercial brands are included.

The first database keeps information classified in type of information, families, subfamilies and name of the condition or device, whereas the second one, for simplicity, works with action group-family /action group-active principle/action group-commercial brand.

The aim of these two databases is to have standarized and translatable information. These databases are part of a proof of concept which may be improved and completed in the future, maybe with the adoption of medical standards such as ICD-11 or ATC, far more complete and detailed. At the moment, these databases hold information in English and Spanish.

In the profile screen, the user must fill text fields with name, surname , personal identification number, emergency contact, birth year, nationality and health insurance. At the moment, a list of health insurance providers has been added in order to be able to enter health insurance normalized into the tag, but in the future, a database should be implemented for this task.