An innovating walking frame

Structured information on the device

Please fill the following questionnaire with specific data of the device you designed in WP3 and fabricated and validated in WP4. Deviations from the questionnaire in WP2 are possible.

User and evironment

Who is the intended user? Self-user/patient
Is training required in addition to the expected skill level of the intended user? Yes
If training is required, please describe who will deliver the training and the materials and time required for the training. Training will be provided by physiotherapists.
Is any maintenance or calibration required by the user at the time of use? No
Where will the technology be used? rural settings, urban settings, outdoors, indoors, at home, primary level (health post, health center), secondary level (general hospital), tertiary level (specialist hospital)

Health technology specifications

Dimensions (mm3) 800 mm x 480 mm x 500 mm
Weight (kg) 1 kg
Does it require the use of consumables? For example, disposable batteries, disposable electrodes, etc. Yes. The handgrip and non-slip replaceable rubber tips or ferrules.
Estimated life time 10 Years
Estimated shelf life 5 Years
Can it have a telemedicine or eHealth application? No
Does it use any kind of software? No
Is it portable? Portable
Type of use Reusable
Does the technology require maintenance?


Energy requirements

Mechanical energy (e.g. manually powered)

Facility requirements

There are not particular requirements.