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Mentors come from an academic and/or professional background and have well-proven experience in the field of designing and testing medical devices. Their expert review ensures that the designers identified correctly all the users’ and clinical needs, while also helping the developers to integrated in the design requirements all the applicable safety standards. During project management, mentors assist the developers by commenting the state of the art and well-known technical burdens to the project, thus guiding the developers towards effective innovation. Mentors review all the project informative material to ensure that it is coherent to the product requirements and compliant to safety standard.

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The following table lists the privileges according to the type of users. Roles are not mutually exclusive, this means that the same person can be, at the same time, Leader of a project and Member of another project.

*not member of the project. In case they are leaders or members of a specific project they receive those specific privileges.

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