Product requirements

Functional Requirements
USAFIBORA hand-wash is expected to facilitate people to observe basic sanitation. It is supposed to allow people to wash their hands and sanitize. The station is also expected to measure peoples temperatures to inform early signs of Covid-19 among users. The device interacts with the human body through infrared rays in the gun thermometer. No physical interaction will exist between the station and the users
Usability Requirements
The users of the device are the general public. User manual and instructions will be provided during installation. No special training is required by users. Special instructions on people with disability will be given.
Safety requirements
The station is a preventive device and posses no risk to the users. Most of the materials used are recyclable and environmentally friendly, thus no environmental risk will be posed. Precaution is only required when handling the dirty water after cleaning of hands is done.
Interaction requirements
The product will interact with other systems in an organisation through a gadget to raise alarm, when there is a case of interest. An application program will be needed to connect them.