Production documentation


  • Designs constitute and will be assembled using different parts which will be locally produced.
  • Most of the design totals to a Plastic material that will be the Body of the project, It going to be made from the plastic material that is degrading the environment, rivers and oceans.
  • the stand will have 4 adjustable stands that will be locally produced.
  • the Sink basin and top surface of the project will be made out of stainless steel. it will be purchased locally.
  • Application programs and software will be available, along fabrication instruction for production.


  • Many companies produce sanitizers and liquid soap, they will be purchased to increase countries economies and expand the platform of working together and uplifting small starting companies.

The main Aim is to elevate our Countries through the development of this product. This is exploring tactics that will promote this Idea into reality not only in One country but reach Africa as a whole. The products proposed will be made locally. Each country will be able to do their local manufacturing within their manufacturing frameworks. Production requires raw materials like plastic waste and materials, electronic communication and control devices which can be manufactured locally, application programs and sources of power energy.
With the right resources production is easier and faster and so many products can be made within a short time, to provide affordable sanitation to the users.