Concept description

  1. This design consist of different parts which includes the water container, soap container, detergent container, sanitizer container, pedal, hydraulic system, thermometer, tap and communication device. All parts work collaboratively to achieve the common goal.
  2. Principles like Newton's laws, principle design, communication, software development and among others will be used.
  3. This design solves the problem of physically touching taps, as this is one of main threats of contamination of the COVID-19. It also automates the process of temperature recording to reduce number of people taking the temperatures at entrances and making them be more productive in other part of the organisation.
  4. Once a user arrives at the station, they will control the sanitizer and detergent using their leg by pressing slightly a pedal with their foot. A pulley system will help to dispense the respective products

The control from the pulley and the sanitizer will be independent, the right pedal will be for the sanitizer, and the left pedal
will control the detergent.
As the user washes their hands, the thermometer will be taking their forehead temperature reading.This will then communicating device with the responsible personnel in case the limit is above the recommended range