Prototypes and functional trials

will be constituted and work as following.

Stand: the stand will be made in metal because of his viability and it will work a such, it will be having three centers one or the water container, Sanitizer or liquid soap and for thermometer. It will be for 90cm length to allow people putting water in the reservoir, will contain 2 foot pedals, one to help opening and closing water tap and one to use for the liquid soap or sanitizer. The Tap will be situated on top of the stand with a decent amount of space for the user to wash their hands freely. The basin that will be used will be recycled rectangular permit en9ugh space for the user to wash their face without splashing water, as that will be permitting the spread of Covid19

Water container: it will be in plastic (Recycled material will be used so that we contribute to the efforts of combacting global warming) for lasting and avoid the infection caused by the rust of the metal container, Plastic is also cheaper than Metal. The water container will only be needed for places that don't have running Tap system, this one will be for 30 litres due to the security purpose it will be immobile, it will use the pedal to open and close the tap to avoid the contacts and spreading of viruses from users. Branded the USAFIBORA LOGO OR NAME

Thermometer: it will be used In electronic way i will be installed automatic as phone camera to capture the forehead temperature without contact it will have a place at the stand. This is meant to be a systematic and joint. The user will wash their hands as they are doing that the thermometer will detect moment with it sensors and give the temperature by the time the user is done washing their hands.

Liquid soap or sanitizer: It will be placed at the stand and it will require no physical contact. The user will simply stick their hand out the sensor will then automate the sanitizer to disperse. The bottle will be changed when it is finished, the replacement will be done by the owner, a manual will be provided entailing how to change and fill the sanitizer/soap stand.