Wearable Device for Breast Self-Examination: Palpreast

Wearable Device for Breast Self-Examination: Palpreast

Concept description

The proposed solution is a wearable device similar to a stretchy top, with an internal pocket, adaptable to breasts with different shapes and sizes. A pressure sensing textile responsible for the nodule detection is located under the stretchy top. Figure 1 shows how the different parts are located in the stretchy top.

  • Inflation system

The inflation system, showed in Figure 2, is composed by 4 independent air compartments centred on the breast, is located inside the pocket of the top.

  • Sensing Textile

The textile covers the breast and the inflator system inflates and deflates separately each of four compartments allowing the adhesion in selective way of the sensing textile to the breast simulating the auto-palpation.

  • Graphical interface

An intuitive graphical interface will present the result of the difference in stiffness region-by-region between the left and right breast, which can be an indicator of the presence of malignant nodule, considering highly improbable the presence of two nodules in the left and right breast, with the same stiffness and the same position. With this strategy, the contralateral breast constitutes the internal control, without the need of further calibration.

According to this conceptual design, this wearable device is not intended to be a diagnostic tool, but it is conceived as a support for the BSE.

Figure 1 - Strethy Top

Figure 2 - Palpreast inflation system