Wearable Device for Breast Self-Examination: Palpreast

Wearable Device for Breast Self-Examination: Palpreast

Purposely designed parts

The textile pressure sensing matrix and the inflation system are contained in a stretchy top used by women for the chest protection in martial art because it covers the total shape of the breast and reaches also the axillary zone. The top has an internal pocket where a rigid protective structure is located to prevent an excessive expansion of the inflator system.

The fabric covers the breast and the inflator system, composed by four compartments of 70 mm x 80 mm each, allows the adhesion in selective way of the sensor to the breast.

The inflator system consists of an inflation bulb with related air release valve, a manometer to check the pressure, and an appropriately designed structure, using T valves, to control the air flux in each compartment. The inflation is due to balloons inserted in each compartment and connected to the pumping system through rubber hoses.

The electronic board is contained in a purposely designed case for safety reasons. The .stl files are available in the repository section at the following links: